Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Meet Your Course Tutor - Maria Franzoni

    • Meet Your Course Tutor - Mary Tillson

    • Introduction to the Overall Programme

    • The 4 Keys to Success

  • 2

    Essential but often overlooked basics

    • Introduction

    • Mistakes Speakers Make

    • Thought Provokers About You and Your Behaviour

    • The Importance of Generating the Right Emotions

    • Impact Essentials

    • The Psychology of Influencing

    • Overcoming Nerves and Watch That “Leaky” Language

    • Closing Summary

  • 3

    Understanding the market to ensure you are competitive and relevant

    • Introduction

    • Keeping on top of market trends and language

    • 5 Trends We Are Seeing in the Market That Are Set to Continue

    • Identifying Your Target Market

    • Nailing Your Niche and Positioning

    • How Your Competitors Can Open Doors For You - Part One

    • How Your Competitors Can Open Doors For You - Part Two

    • How to Price Yourself

    • T&C's and Contracts

    • Closing Summary

  • 4

    Ensuring your content is relevant, memorable, and easy to understand

    • Introduction

    • Ensuring your content is relevant, memorable, and easy to understand

    • Quality scoping that wins you the gig (and more!)

    • Delivering Powerful, Memorable and Easy to Remember Talks and Sessions

    • Arranging your talk

    • Being memorable

    • PowerPoint Hints and Tips

    • Closing Summary

  • 5

    Building a competitive profile that gets you better fees

    • Introduction

    • Elements of an Expert Speaker Profile

    • Differentiate Yourself With Your Headline

    • How to Write Your Expert Speaker Bio

    • Testimonials That Will Help You Get Booked

    • Topics and Takeaways

    • Build a Portfolio of Services

    • Introductions

    • What to Consider When it Comes to Photos and Videos

    • Showreels

    • Closing Summary

  • 6

    More than “just a speech”

    • Introduction

    • ROI opportunities

    • Blended learning – What it is and examples

    • Virtual delivery design tips and techniques

    • Closing Summary

  • 7

    Getting visible, getting known and getting gigs

    • Introduction

    • Harnessing the Power of Video

    • Why LinkedIn is a goldmine of potential bookers

    • Content Creation Tips

    • Different Videos You Can Create

    • Your Speaker Website

    • Representation: Agents, Bureaus, Managers

    • You’re Listed With a Bureau, But You Aren’t Getting Booked. Here’s Why

    • Do You Need to Write a Book?

    • Closing Summary

  • 8

    Questions, Additional Help and Feedback

    • Book your 1:1 with Maria Franzoni or Mary Tillson

    • Get in touch

    • Feedback is a Gift